Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Oragenics Names Zahradnik Acting CEO - Forbes.com

Oragenics Names Zahradnik Acting CEO - Forbes.com: "Oragenics Names Zahradnik Acting CEO
07.05.2005, 05:54 PM

Biotechnology company Oragenics Inc. on Tuesday named Robert T. Zahradnik as acting president and chief executive to replace Mento A. Soponis, who has retired from the post.

Zahradnik, a co-founder and director of Oragenics, will fill the position while the company searches for a permanent replacement. Before joining Oragenics in 1996, Zahradnik worked for Johnson & Johnson in various research and development positions.

Oragenics said Soponis will remain a member of the board.

The company's primary product is a special oral rinse used to prevent tooth decay. Oragenics shares closed 3 cents lower to $1.82 on the American Stock Exchange. "


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